I'm gonna need more hangers.

sweater [wara] :: collar [murua]

i hate it when this happens. i really do. i should know better than to trust cheap tights. this is their only second wear and now they’re unwearable. why is it so hard to find good quality in korea? i just want to stop replacing things already.

the collar is from a japanese magazine, sweater from seoul trip. i have a thing for knits that double as bath mats.

kris van assche [vanillascented] :: unknown? [lefashion]

i love looking at photos and realizing i already have all the components and i am one step away from execution. to be honest though, while i love garters + socks (over tights = brilliant!), it might still be too trashy for me. we’ll see. tomorrow maybe.

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tights, beraroque, $50

WHYYYYY are these $50? Why?