I'm gonna need more hangers.

UGH. that was such a shitty, long trip. yes yes, it’s my fault for packing too much. but oh! the things i’ll wearrrrr.

it’s been a year. here are 5 things living in korea has highlighted:

1) i like subtlety in impact, glamour and opulence slightly restrained. head-to-toe color. pattern mixing. earrings only. one focal point is enough. sometimes, you are enough.

2) i understand comfort and casual now. working a (semi) real job, experiencing real world stress, i learned to say “fuck it.”

3) i’ve gained 10 lbs. and i’m starting to get the hang of “sexy.”

4) i love americana and texanism. aesthetics, values, small talk. i’m really proud of where i came from, not where and what people perceive me to be constructed of.

5) i learned how to listen. to really listen. what has been wasted on my lazy english ears? what have i missed or dismissed?

that’s not everything and there’s no way i could do it justice in words. and i have so many! but you know, i’m really happy. i wonder if any of these things going on in my hyper-active mind managed to manifest in pictures as of late, but i feel it. i really do.

trench [alexander wang x gap] :: shirt [jcrew] :: pants [j+] :: belt [zara] :: socks, bracelet [unkown] :: shoes [lea foscati]

i was thinking how perfect it would’ve been to have a men’s watch for that masculine tough, but the bracelet turned out fine.

i felt really comfortable in this; it’s nice to have a uniform, but maybe i was too comfortable. i kinda like it when i feel a little bit scared going out, in a sick silly way. so maybe i don’t wanna dress like this anymore for awhile.

trench [alexanderwang x gap] :: shirt [21men] :: pants [minchan]

shoes [lea foscati] :: bag [fiorucci] :: necklaces [express, newyork&co]

photos [riggallus]

these are cheap ass chinatown velvet sweatpants, leftover from so many LNY shows; i’m giving them some life. they fall in that perfectly unflattering tapered shape.

gibson girl noticed this has become my uniform. masquerading as a quasi-minimalist has been too fun. i’ve probably been reading too many blogs again. i just haven’t felt the pull of colors like i usually do. when were we not on speaking terms? i can’t remember anymore.

“minchan make you the leader in modern dresses”

Olivia Wilde [GQ] :: Grey [Fall 2010] :: Vogue Russia [Dec 2010]

geeky sexpot secretary. hmmm need more non-platitude pop culture  references. its a hard look to describe. but its definitely part classic, part costume.

also, when i don’t have any clever title ideas, i use other people’s words.