I'm gonna need more hangers.

sweaters [ralph lauren, h&m] :: dress, earrings [asos] :: shoes [emma cook x topshop] :: purse [?]

photos: [jen jen]

jacket [uo] :: cardigan [h&m] :: shirt [jcrew] :: necklace, barrettes [f21] :: socks [hue] :: shoes [calvin klein] :: skirt, stole, bow tie [?]

photos: Miel

proof! i loved this outfit today, i felt so in my element. girlish and the slightest wannabe dandy. though i had a serious case of hag-girl hair earlier.

i submitted this outfit to teenvogue’s snapshot blog. maybe they’ll like it as much as i do.

scarf [ralph lauren] :: sweater [bcbg] :: shirt [elementz] :: skirt [f21] :: shoes [ninewest] :: earring [?]

ew ew ew ew ew. never again. i love head scarves on other girls though. i just look so dumb in this. boho don’t work for me, no no.

it sort of looks like i’ve just been wearing b/w/g but that is so not the case. i wear color way more often than this anachromatic scheme; i just dont have any proof.

AUGH. pics or it didn’t happen, deanne, pics or it didn’t happen. remember that.

coat [eryn brinie] :: shirt [dkny] :: cardigan [gap] :: skirt [calvin klein] :: leggings [sparkle&fade] :: shoes [bcbgirls] :: hat [f21]

i’m a really inconsistent blogger. its like i poop out stuff after i accumulate it and i’m no longer interested. also the format is always shifting. sometimes i link stuff, sometimes i can’t be fucked. it’s probably super improper, so if i offend anyone, please let me know.

i felt so polished that day. in an edwardian sort of way.

jacket [guess] :: vest [uo x dark harts] :: dress, skirt [f21] :: stole, hat, earrings [unknown] :: tights [uo] :: boots [ninewest]

Photos: Jen Jen

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sweater [secondhand] :: shirt [jcrew] :: bow tie [unkown] :: glasses [uo] :: hat [f21]

i took an incredibly shitty blurry picture that day so i stuck it in the Equinox converter and it looked significantly less shitty. but still is shitty. grrr! >:[

it was my first day of teaching my fashion class. wish i could’ve documented the whole outfit.

i need a remote.

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jacket [casualheir] :: shirt [graniph] :: skirt [ehyphenworld] :: tights [urban outfitters] :: boots [doc martens, ninewest] :: hat [f21] :: scarf [french connection]

successful 3 patterns at once attempt. haven’t done this in awhile. yes!

yeah, i know Migo’s boots are cooler than mine. i bought another pair at baker’s to fill the clunkier boot vibe gap in my spawning army of Orc colored shoes, but it’s just not the same. i think i need the real McCoy. what does that mean anyway?

oh yeah here’s my new bowler. i’ll be wearing it a lot. prepare yourself.

shirt [ehka sopo] :: skirt [f21] :: belt [thrifted] :: shoes, pearls [gifted] :: neckpiece [DIY]

i made this necklace awhile ago; i can’t be fucked to go find the link to my DIY page. (ed: here, you lazy bitch) the clasp is broken in the back so i just used a safety pin. the shoes…i wouldn’t normally buy this kind of sandal, probably because it’s a kitten heel. it’s a gift from a friend i met in Japan, who lives in Nanjing, China. whenever i wear them, i feel like i’m with her, just borrowing her shoes and i’d just give them back tomorrow. i miss her.

it wasn’t until after i put this on that i realized it reminded me of THAT Marc Jacobs SS 2009 show. i’m missing the obi. meh, it’s not like i was trying to recreate the look; it just happened to be this way. i tried on my little hat, but it felt too costume-y. looking back, was it really too much? or do i just need to wear a different hat?

images via google, style.com

also, without realizing it, we tried to recreate this scene, where i’m standing on a chair. genius is connected in that way; some themes are meant to thread people, not ideas.

photos: miel

shirt {thrifted} :: pants {INC} :: belt {ellen tracy} :: shoes {bcbgirls} :: bags {ferragamo} :: necklaces {gifts, thrifted, New York & Co, UO}

lately, i’ve been feeling empowered. i think it translates into the need to tuck in my shirt. also, i’ve been experimenting more with a slightly more dandy boyish take on my girlish wear. i’m in love with collared shirts and a nice pair of slim pants.

my mother and i love ferragamo! i have a small collection of purses, but they were all gifts from her. we’re big ebay ppl, i highly recommend it, let me know if you need tips. i also have 3 pairs of  vara pumps at home that never see the school grounds. i’m not one who usually saves pieces for special occasions, but these items, they too precious. what is special to you in this way?

i also recently finally defined my style in one of those three word summaries: playfully put together. ah so satisfying to know oneself! can you define your style in 3 words?

photos: miel

top [abercrombie] :: skirt [calvin klein] :: shoes [jeffrey campbell]

dress [rimini] :: shoes [calvin klein] :: bracelets [misc.]

poncho [eryn brinie] :: dress [thrifted] :: shoes [jeffrey campbell]

dress [thrifted skirt] :: belt [zara] :: shoes [manas]

we’re a great duo. our styles are different but they meld well. that austin trip was a much needed adventure. i still have our soundtrack in the car in my head.