I'm gonna need more hangers.

dress [wannabe] :: shirt [manhole] :: skirt [mint] :: bag [somewhere in gaeksa]

so i can’t really apologize for that. here’s the top 5 round up:

1) i went to a film festival and saw like 12 movies.

2) a friend got engaged and i partied like i haven’t partied in awhile.

3) someone stole my iphone. i hate how you have to pay for life lessons when you get older. they’re free when you’re young.

4) i’ve been exercising, cooking and shopping more. life is super but i still have room to complain like an asshole.

5) one of my friends in the air force left yesterday. i don’t know how to say goodbyes. i’m much better at being angry and clingy.

alexander wang [ibra ake] :: zara [vanessa jackman] :: jean paul gaultier [harpersbazaar korea]

weekly white dress roundup. its the differences i adore.

dress [saks5thave] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchcovitch] :: hat [f21] :: bracelet [unknown]

i left for France in this outfit; a new dress, a new pair of shoes, a fresh look for a fresh start. graduation was really hard on me; i had to say good bye so many times, i got sick of the words and i never want to say them again. sometimes i was hysterical and i was convulsing tears in a violent aftershock, but there really wasn’t much time to grieve because i had to pack like crazy cakes for this trip with my family the next day.

anyway, a plane ride outfit should be several things, though cute and comfortable are probably top criteria. i’m super anti-jeans+tshirt, so i’m still experimenting to find the perfect combination, but my trials have led me to a few results:

1) never EVER wear jeans. they chafe. they make you feel fat. they suck. dresses with a long skirt are excellent because they’re boundless with fabric, but a knit trouser is good too.

2) bring a sweater that doubles as a blanket. check.

3) shoes must be easy to walk in, but also make you feel adorable. i’m only slightly nervous about the blister factor in these, but fuck it. i’m wearing them in small amounts as a precaution.

anyway, the trip is well underway and i’m already behind on posts. what else is new.

harper’s bazaar april 2011

i’m wondering if my blog is becoming design oriented vs. style fueled. it’s hard to tell these days, especially when all i have designing on my mind. it’s a complicated thing and i am seriously considering it. seriously.

dress [foley&corinna] :: boots [underground] :: bag [kimchi&blue]

today was one of those impossibly beautiful days. i went to the korean contemporary exhibit with Physics Awesome. he was nice enough to take today’s pictures and i loved every one of them; i had such a hard time narrowing it down. i generally try not to do more than 5 pictures for an outfit post because i myself stop caring after 5 and anymore i feel is overkill. but all of his photos captured moments rather than poses and i really like that. the slightly imperfect blurs, my mid movements, and the lighting…everything!

i bought this dress yesterday at buffalo exchange among other things. it’s actually supposed to be tied like this, but after some fooling around, i came up with this arrangement. there’s more to come, this dress is magnificent like that. it flutters like some sort of ethereal entity…a pixie…or a cuttlefish perhaps.

i actually debated for exactly 1 month before wearing these boots out. they were a love at first stalk sort of thing in the summer, but in real life, they were much different than the rest of my wardrobe, so i spent a lot of time deliberating and trying and going back and forth, thinking it wasn’t going to work out. but today, i just put them on, ran down the stairs, and didn’t look back.

Anna Sui for Target, Sept 13-Oct 17 [NYmag]

Ok so the last one looks goofy in the waist (read: preggers), but you know you wanna try it on for the spikey collar. Or at least I am. Again (here I go using the whole “I usually don’t like blah blah but” line), not a big print person, but it’s Anna SUI so I can’t really resist. NYC regret is filling me again, tried on this GREAT black balloon-esque jacket that sort of fit like a garbage bag EXCEPT with frilly details on the trapeze sleeves and it was fabulous all over. Yeah, I should’ve dropped the $157 on that one right? Right.

Anyways, back to this collection. It’s a bit off on some…like the super 70’s inspired bit and whatnot…but it’s Anna’s style (the print, the hippie, the…60s/70s woodstock vibe) so it’s true to that, if not to Gossip Girl. Blairs dresses were nice and prim though, spot on! Serena…not so much, could you really see her in this?

Yeah…no. It’s got “FOB” written all over it in Mao colors. But it is cute though. Yes, it goes in the try on pile at least.

But GUYS: the white dress the white dress the white dress. It’s all about that white dress and if the thing fits, you bet I’ll be dishing out full price/fighting some hipster girl for the xsmall/small.

Lauren Kovin SS09

I’m adoring the tendril-like play she has going on here. I just love it. I love the last one especially, because it’s white of course, though it does remind me of Independence Day a bit (morbid I know). It’ll be a fantastic addition to the Aquarius wear part of my wardrobe. I just might have to fashion a pair of sheer leggings while i’m at it, ones that fit like pants.

Fashion156 described Ms. Kovin’s collection the best though.

Tank: Zara // Dress: D.Closet // Leggings: W. Closet Wears // Shoes: Calvin Klein

K-Drama (=boyfriend) told me I look really korean in this outfit. I can see that. I’m starting to really get into Korean fashion so I’m pretty happy with that.

I’m also getting a lot of Calvin Klein shoes now. These wedges make 3/4 pairs. They’re also ridiculously comfortable. I love the minimalist cutout, with the rounded cup on the heel. It reminds me of Pierre Hardy wedges. Yum.

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Texas summers are hot, humid and dreadful. They often sabotage my efforts to experiment with my closet, so today it is only this dress and nothing more. I did play with the shape, its usually one of those high-necked ruffle type dresses, but I didn’t even want to think about putting on accesories.